Peduca In English

What is Peduca?

Peduca is a student organisation of the students of general and adult education and teacher’s education. Peduca brings together the students of two different departments, but all of our members have at least one thing in common: we study educational sciences.

Peduca was formed in 1974 and it has approximately 700 members.

What does Peduca do?

Peduca takes care of it’s members’ equality and rights when it comes to their studies and student life at the University. Peduca is a non-profit organisation and it’s guided by a board. Each board member has a responsibility area, for example equality, tutoring or international matters. Meetings of the board are open to everybody. Peduca cooperates with other student organisations, cooperation organisation of the Faculty of Behavioral Sciences Condus and trade unions.

How to become a member of Peduca?

Join Peduca in some of our Coffee hours. Peduca’s membership for 7 years costs 7€. If you are an exchange student in our faculty and not a member, don’t worry – you are welcome to join our events anyway.

How to contact us and get the latest information?

Like us on Facebook and read our monthly newsletter.
If you are an exchange student or member of Peduca’s mail list, the newsletter will be sent to your email, too.

Follow Peduca on Instagram @peducary

If you have any questions you can send contact the members of the board. The members of the board and their contact information you can find here.

What about the events?

Peduca organizes also various events from parties to vegetarian cooking evenings and Finnish baseball games via its event department AKTI. Everybody is welcome to join AKTI and be part of planning and organizing events.